Hi, I am Olivia Guest. I am a cognitive computational neuroscientist and this blog is about my research and opinions about the broader field(s) I am in. To learn more about me and my work, visit my website, follow me on Twitter, fork me on GitHub, and/or read this interview.

With respect to the name of this website, neuroplausible, it is a weasel word — a word used to imply or convey a seemingly specific meaning yet on closer inspection is vague or even misleading. This is not to say the word has no value, however its usage often falls into typical weasel word territory.

I post blog updates on the Facebook page, my Twitter account, and on the RSS feed. An archive of all blog posts so far can be found here. I designed this website myself from scratch in Jekyll, Liquid, HTML, and CSS (specifically milligram) — see the source code here.